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Overview of leisure agriculture

Pastoral agriculture is the use of leisure landscape, ecological andenvironmental resources, combined with the agriculture, forestry, fishery, animal husbandry production, agricultural operations, rural culture and rural life,providing national recreation, improve the nation's agriculture and rural areas ofexperience for the purpose of agricultural operations. In other words, leisure is a combination of the performance of agriculture production, living and ecologicalagriculture Sansei one in operation and is a combination of agriculturalproduction and marketing, agriculture and recreation services industries in one of three agricultural enterprises.

Function of leisure agriculture

Leisure agriculture with agriculture and services, its development is based onmulti-objective function of policy,
Has the following six features:

Economic function
Increase rural employment opportunities and improving conditions for farmers'income, improve farm income, improve the rural economy.
Social function
Improve access to urban residents and farmers, rural residents developrelationships, shorten the gap between urban and rural areas, improve ruralquality of life.
Educational function
Provide opportunities for urban residents understand agriculture, crop cultivationprocess to understand and experience the rural life and understanding of rural culture and ecology.
Environmental protectionfunction
Agricultural Leisure Area initiative to improve environmental health, improveenvironmental quality and maintain the natural ecological balance.
Recreational function
Provide public leisure facilities, engaging in leisure activities.
Medical functions
Provide the public with recreational activities, lift the pressure of work and life, toease physical and mental effects.
Cultural heritage features
Unique culture and rural life in many folk art, may be due to the development ofleisure agriculture and enable it to continue to follow tradition, but also maycreate a special style of rural culture.